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Living in Paris but working in London in a startup ...


After working in Paris for 5 years (I am the British citizen), I decided to change my job
and got an offer from a startup based in London. They are fine if I work remotely
under CDD (and occasionally come to London), but they have no idea what
to do with my social security payments and tax in France. I looked at the forum and found
a few related messages 3 years ago, but do not know if things changed
since then.

Therefore, I will be very grateful if someone can provide links
to the related French/UK laws, i.e. if this startup has to pay my
social contributions (health insurance, pension, unemployment insurance)
directly to France (and how to set it up), or I have to pay it somehow myself?
At the moment, I am a bit lost ...

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Living in Paris but working in London in a startup ...


There are some pointers to the legal situation and a link to URSSAF who can handle payments from abroad.


A European Rahinja.
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Re: Living in Paris but working in London in a startup ...

explains how the admin works.

(sorry can't do links on my browser)

They pay employer's social contributions, you pay employee's social contributions, and you take care of your own income tax.

gives you a breakdown of the percentages of salary paid by your employer/yourself.for the various social security funds.

A UK start-up is probably going to find it quite difficult to pay French social contributions for an employee. When they say they're fine with it, that's probably because they have no experience of this and haven't a clue what they would be letting themselves in for. Be prepared for them to start panicking when they do realise, you may have to offer to take a reduced salary as a compromise.
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Re: Living in Paris but working in London in a startup ...

Thanks a lot for the links! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Yeap, it's true that this startup does not know yet about all the social
charges in France, so I am slowly preparing them :( ...

However, even if they agree, I just hope it will not be too complex to
set this up (particularly knowing French bureaucracy) ...

Anyways, thanks again - I will be studying all the links now ...

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