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Got a job at last - what do I need to do?

Having lived off my UK government service pension for a few years, I have finally - after much searching - eventually found a job in a local brasserie. To date, we have been paying for our carte vitale health cover by paying URSSAF €x per quarter. Can anybody please tell me what may change and what I may have to do now that I am working and paying into the system? Thanks.
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Re: Got a job at last - what do I need to do?

Well done for getting a job!

Your SS number should remain the same, but if you have been under the CMU that will no longer be the case.

Normally your employer pays your charges and you may well find that you change to the régime générale 

"Le régime général concerne les travailleurs salariés du secteur privé"

In any case you shouldn't need to pay anything direct to URSSAF.
You may well have to tell them about the change though.

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Re: Got a job at last - what do I need to do?

You will need to take your payslip(s) to the CPAM office to prove you are paying the required contributions out of your salary. Depending on your level of salary this may be just the first month's payslip or the first 3 months. The qualifying levels of contributions are detailed on the Ameli.fr website.

I would imagine that you will also need to inform URSSAF that you are now employed and covered for healthcare via your employment.

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Smile [:)]

Re: Got a job at last - what do I need to do?

Thanks to the both of you. This should be a good starter for ten.

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