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Garage - Car Repairs

Here is my question:

Can someone set up a business as a car mechanic using their domestic residence ie shed attached to their house? Do they need permission to do so?

Thanks Mrs KG

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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

To the first part of your question..."yes"; to the second part I don't know about permission. There is such a business not 10 miles (oops, 16kms) from my house.

I really expect that permission would be required for the change of use, and perhaps it would depend on the distance from neighbouring houses? (In the instance I mentioned the neighbours are some distance away, 500 metres at least). I'm sure the council would be interested in collecting some taxes if the property use changed from residential to business.

We know that some people just go ahead and don't worry about formalities though, don't we !

Just my ramblings!

You want to start a business or you have one starting up next door?

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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

The short answer is yes, they can, within reason.
However, if they're doing things like oil changes, then in theory there are laws requiring them to have a tank for collection and ultimate disposal of used oil, among other things. If they don't own the property, they also need the permission of their landlord.

Like so many things, it's not completely black and white. If they're causing traffic problems or doing work outside in the street, then it should be a problem, but it would have to be reported and the authorities persuaded to take action.

If you own your home and associated outbuildings, in principle (and oddly, itdepends on things like the size of your town/commune) you can register and set up a business from your own home....but there will be other rules (as above) with which you should comply.

That's my understanding, anyway.

Here's a link..may be useful...if you have a problem with a neighbour. If it's you, well suffice to say it seems permissible, but there are some hoops!
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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

Thank you both for your replies. It is a very very close english neighbour who is already repairing in the main english cars and who specifically told me that he was a mobile mechanic. Guess I have to grin and bear it!

Mrs KG
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Anatole France
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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

How much do you like this neighbour? If not much or at all, then start by having a word with the maire, see what the situation is. Then there is the public health aspect. Or even the Fisc and various other bodies who might be interested.
It all depends how much you want the activity to be controlled, stopped or whatever.
I saw a delightful house whilst hunting which had just such a business in the garden that was overflowing onto the roads around and, reluctantly, turned down the house. But other would no doubt appreciate the smells and noise and congestion and general lowering of the tone.
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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

One factor that sometimes makes a difference is whether or not the public visit the premises, for instance if you just work from your computer at home and you don't have visitors or deliveries there isn't likely to be an issue. But presumably a garage is going to have customers visiting it. So I would have thought permission would have been needed from the mairie at least.
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Re: Garage - Car Repairs

It must be possible, this guy has a Renault service franchise in his dining room!

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