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?subjunctive question

Can someone tell me how to say in french "I should not have done" something? Or "I should never have done "something.
I think it probably involves the subjunctive or some verb like falloir which I've never learnt.
Don't ask what offence I've comitted Smile [:)] - pas grave (I hope.)

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Re: ?subjunctive question

I don't feel the subjunctive is needed and would say :

Je n'aurais pas dû faire + whatever it is you shouldn't have done.


Computing - it's another world
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Re: ?subjunctive question

Thanks sue - I'll try to compose the message now.

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Re: ?subjunctive question

Conditional, not subjunctive.

Je n'aurais pas dû...

Je n'aurais jamais dû...



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Re: ?subjunctive question

You two beat me to it!

It doesn't really fit with my understanding of the conditionnel but thats how it is said.


Maybe the conditional part is the unsaid, "I would never have done it" .................................(had I known)

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Re: ?subjunctive question

I always have a version of the specsavers advert kicking around in my head

J'aurais du aller a Specsavers.

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Re: ?subjunctive question

Another useful formula is :

"Je n'aurais pas pu..." -- I wouldn't have been able to...

"Je n'aurais pas pu payer l'addition si mon ami ne m'avait pas donné de l'argent

"Je n'aurais pas dû..." -- I shouldn't have...

"Je n'aurais pas dû donner de l'argent à mon ami parce qu'il l'a tout employé pour aller au restaurant."

In speech one often hears them without the n'

J'aurais pas dû..

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Re: ?subjunctive question

Thanks to all - it turned out to be one of the usual misunderstandings because of the language problems.
Wouldn't you think misunderstanding would be 'malcompris'? But no, it's 'malentendu' = badly heard?
All friends again now.

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