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Christmas turkeys

There are bits of turkeys in the supermarkets - really delicious ones. But where are the whole turkeys? Our local bistrot was full of French families tucking into the US Thanksgiving lunches so there is a taste for these birds but where are they hiding?
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Re: Christmas turkeys

On the farms.

Frozen poultry is not that common or popular as in the UK. You will find the Christmas turkeys appear in the supermarkets around 21st/22nd December.

You can of course order one from your butcher, who could probably get one (at a price) between now and Christmas.

A European Rahinja.
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Re: Christmas turkeys

Order one, some supermarkets have ordering and local butchers certainly do.

I am highly suspicious of british chickens and never buy other than a small fresh one, as 'I' do not know what the bigger birds are,  how can a chicken be bigger than a hen, just all seems a rum old do to me.

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Re: Christmas turkeys

I agree, order one from your local butcher. I guess that is what most people do. Not cheap mind you.

Or, find a local farm (check Le Bon Coin believe it or not) and order one. You could go and choose it while it still alive if like and give it a name.

Or order one from the UK and have it delivered with one of those wonderful Uk delivery food vans. Apparently they are better quality in Asda.

Just for info, an average turkey will take about 0.0000657 loading metres in a van or artic. They are non stackable as well.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Idea [I]

Re: Christmas turkeys

@ albf
The subject 'bird' would seem to describe you to a tee.

They are non stackable as well

If the supplier/shipper nails one in each corner of the pallet and possibly one in the middle they would then be stackable.Idea <img src=">

Ha, and you were telling everyone you know about logistics, Tsk.



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Re: Christmas turkeys

Yes, but, no but,......the only other thing apart from food that expats have delivered from the UK is paint and Rayburn stoves.

Five frozen chickens nailed to a pallet with a pallet of Dulux magnolia or a Rayburn on top of it and well Christmas dinner is going to be rather flat don't you think.

You can't stack frozen turkeys. Do not try it.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Christmas turkeys

As Andy wrote, they're still running round in farmer's fields. There are thousands near us. and ducks - for the foie gras.
But don't ask how these thousands are dispatched and prepared for sale - I asked once (on another forum) and could never buy another one. We have our own poultry. But only chickens now, we've had ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowl in the past.

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Re: Christmas turkeys

Remember, a turkey is for Christmas,
not for life....

EDIT:  Ah dammit, I've just seen that PaulT beat me to it in his signature line

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