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Is it worse or better in France ?

Her timetable made me laugh..

"I would get up at about at 6am and usually get home at around 7pm"

"I could be walking in the front door as late as 9.30pm"

Seriously, you don't know you have been born luv.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Is it worse or better in France ?

Goodness, my youngest did those hours at the age of 12 to get to and from college. Up at 6, out the house at 6.40 as they bus went at 6.50, bus home left at around 18.15.

No strikes involved just life.

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Re: Is it worse or better in France ?

Without wanting to belittle the dreadful (non) service from Southern Trains and the unions - and I am not sure of the two who might be the worse - getting home every night was a luxury for many many of my colleagues. Getting home for the weekend was more the norm and then some missed out due to work commitments. [But then weekend commuting was common in Germany and even had special tax conditions. I took advantage when I was moved to Cologne.]

A European Rahinja.
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Re: Is it worse or better in France ?

All of my renters currently are people that have decided to remain close to their job for 4 nights a week and in several cases 7 nights a week with only a weekend back at home with the family every month or so, there are millions like them all across France. These people had no choice in the matter, either their boss decided where their next mission would be or they just have to travel where the work is.


I havn't read the report but I'm guessing that the person chooses to work in London because the pay/prospects are better.


My current renters are from Bretagne, Lille, Pas de Calais, Reims and Paris plus a remplaçant for the local hospital from Le Sud (although he is Vietnamese) those from Lille and the PdC could commute, it would be cheaper than their €500 rent but at what price to their health and bien être?

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