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Let them drink wine

So I see that the practise of offering unlimited refills on soft drinks is now illegal.
Not that I am a fan of such drinks

So perhaps you can have unlimited wine or beer instead? Beer [B]

I wonder how Ikea are going to cope in their restaurants?

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Re: Let them drink wine

 As someone who hardly drinks, and is usually the driver, I get really really miffed with the price of soft drinks, all too often dearer than the alcoholic ones. So IF there are free refills, then I appreciate it. I don't have to have a refill, but IF I want one, then that is welcome.

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Re: Let them drink wine

''Some 41% of women in the same age category are also overweight or obese, the study found.''

This can't be true, we are continually told that all French women are slim, chic etc etc.

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Re: Let them drink wine

 Must say that last night, bought two drinks, manky J2O for me, distinct lack of tasty drinks for us who often don't care for 'harder' drinks, The pint of real beer was £1.89..........  ?>@€%*:s'dsAngry [:@]

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Re: Let them drink wine

a swift analytical look at the figures once again reveals the article to be non credible.


Overall 15% of adults (over 18 years) in France are overweight, of the over 30's 57% of men and 41% of women are overweight so say 49% average for both sexes, yet the 18-30 year olds skew the average down to 15% Confused [8-)]


Even if there were no overweight 18-30 year olds they would need to be 4 times more numerous than the over 30 population which they aint, if they were France would not have a demographic crisis.

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Re: Let them drink wine

Yes, I do see fatties, men and women, all around me but I do also see some stick-like men and women.  These "averages" need to be looked at with reservation.

I am by no means fat but, to be comfortable, I need to take size 40 - 42 in French clothes which do seem to be cut on the small side.

As for sports clothes, of whatever country of origin, I need XL because, for some stupid reason, it is assumed that if you are into sport, you must be some sort of Victoria Beckham in sizeIck! [+o(]

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Re: Let them drink wine

Yes there are a lot more fat people in France than there were, I notice that. But the very thin I knew, usually smoked, rather than ate.... not rocket science. One friend used to have a go at me about putting weight on, she was tres sportif, and smoked and got cancer and died before she was 50. Some of our mutual friends had a good look at their life styles when she took ill, especially the smoking.

I don't want to lose any more weight and I am still considered over weight, but there you go, I would look truly awful if I lost more. I certainly put my weight on in France, but not with sugary drinks....... just 'my' home cooking.....Whistles [Www]

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