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summer salads

I've just made this salad for the first time ( saw the basic idea on the internet.)
Cucumber avocado and tomato salad.
Make dressing in a large bowl - I use walnut oil, lemon juice, honey and mustard.
Add finely sliced cucumber and avocado cut into small chunks. I used the Hass ones as it's difficult to judge the ripeness of the others. Then multicoloured tomatoes cut in half. Sprinkle with finely sliced small onions. I used shallots because I had some left. But you can use any onions really.
Mix well - it's delicious!
Any other favourites?

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Re: summer salads

My fav...

Salad (whatever you want...lettuce, manche, tomatoes, cucumber..any thing you like) all mixed in a bowel.

Part boil then sautee some (lots) of red potatoes....(pepper and salt them of course) roughly chopped in the pan until nice and crispy.

Add potatoes to salad and mix.

Then add rough chunks of cantal entre deux and mix again.

Make your own mustardy vinaigrette and serve accordingly. You have to make your own vinaigrette !!

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Re: summer salads

Cooked chicken and not a cheap bird from Auchan, with English style rolls from the same supermarket. Very tasty.
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Re: summer salads

I find any sort of fruit, both dried and fresh, give a pleasant sweetness to salads.  Apples work well and there are still oranges around so they are nice.

Handfuls of nuts and seeds, sunflower, sesame seeds and cashews, pistachios and almonds usually blend in as they are not too strong in taste.

Thanks to ericd, I now usually make a dressing with just mustard and olive oil as I don't like vinegar!

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