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German sausages, whats going on?

Firstly why are they so white, should uncooked pork not be pink or grey in colour?


Secondly what has been done to them so that the fat does not render when cooking?


I use a halogen grill and using saucisses fumées or saucisses de Toulouse lots of fat drips out, so much so that I have to avoid overcooking them, I have some saucisses,allemande pur porc and nothing not even water vapour comes out when cooking, they are 90% viande de porc and the taste is 100% cardboard Sad [:(] apart from the spices. Yet they are 24% mat grasses.


Cant see any other dodgy ingrédients, what is the deal?

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Re: German sausages, whats going on?

I can tell that the meat is ground to nothing and then emulsified as the density is half that of a real sausage (twice as big for same weight) is it like homogenised milk not seperating?


Come to think of it Fricadelles are the same and so were saveloys, that takes me back. I guess hot dog sausages also.


Dread to think of what remnants go into them.

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Re: German sausages, whats going on?

Although I always cook mine, they are sometimes (indeed often) cooked before being packed - hence the sometimes very long best before/use by dates.

A European Rahinja.
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Re: German sausages, whats going on?

I believe Leven is partial to a German sausage, they might be able to give better advice.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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