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The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

Apparently there was a report on French telly the other day that the British are buying again big style again in the Dordogne.

Some infamous British estate agent was rubbing his hands together. Imagine that. Lol.

So you have the Brits selling up because of being skint, can't make a leaving, Brexit ( and missing their grandchildren of course) and those looking for the dream, escaping Brexit and buying their houses.

Another cycle of misery ? This will all end in tears you know.

The Dordogne....what is the ###@#@# attraction for so many Brits ?. It is just plain wierd. It is making headline French telly now.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

The attraction is the same as presumably any other ghetto, not having to step outside of ones comfort zone.


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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

I expect the main attraction is great countryside, vines (so French)! and reliably better weather and its within a day's journey of Calais or the Normandy ferries. I suppose people have heard of it too which helps. Maybe not as expensive as Provence? I love Normandy but "reliable weather" is rain and mist even in August. Stick out tongue [:P]

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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

I used to be very friendly with Pucette who lived in the Dordogne and her winters were so cold she would put her bed in her living room in her old farmhouse. Colder than my home in the Alpes, because it really has to be very very cold outside to make a home that cold inside.

Warmer there, it was often as hot as anywhere in France in the Alpes in summer, and if I never encounter a hot summer again as long as I live, it will be too soon, the crem hopefully will be the next hottest place I encounter and I should be well out of it when I am there.

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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

Don't understand thus sneering attitude towards the Dordogne. Well actually I do-it makes those who sneer feel superior.
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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

Mac, how well you have put your point across.

But, hey, what do I know, I have only lived here for 7 years and, before that, for 3 years in the Charente Maritime and I MUCH prefer my current area.

Having said that, I do not know any of the other parts of the Dordogne, other than my own.  I was going to view a house in Piégut Pluviers and a forum member PMed me and said not to go there and I took his advice on board.

Today, I was chatting to a French friend who has a house in Paris and one near me.  I asked her how long she was staying and she said she'd stay as long as she could because she loved the life here.  She said that unfortunately she'd have to go back to Paris soon on account of the election.

I am also very friendly with a French couple from Tours (yes, Tours, ALBF) and they have bought a beautiful house here in the Dordogne and are only waiting for the husband to retire before coming to live here full time.

Think of it as a ghetto if you want to, Chance, but you of all people will know that I do not live in a comfort zone.  I like adventure and pushing out the boundaries.

I don't say it's the Dordogne per se that attracts me and I will tell you a bit about my day here and you can make up your mind whether it's as you imagine a "typical" day of a Dordogne "expat" would pan out.

Usual start, cleaning up dog mess from my poor old doggie with dementia.  Breakfast as usual, eating home-made bread, jam and some cheese.  The postie brought me 3 Raymond Queneau books ordered from leboncoin and keenly anticipated.

Some housework then a snatched snack before heading off to walk with French friends in a valley near my house.  Came home and relaxed in front of the TV with the Davis Cup; the French team won, which I wanted as I don't much like anyone in the British team.

Went to get the washing in and I stopped dead in my tracks to marvel at the beauty of the early evening.  Peaceful, calm, the sunset colourful, the mistiness of the time of  day adding an extra dimension to the open views.  I knew that the church would be lit up soon and there would be the clear half moon later on

 Glass or two of a chilled white whilst I cook dinner, saumon en croute for OH and bacon and eggs for me........miam, miam.

Will have a nice long shower soon and get into my PJs.  I have already written on another thread about Friday being my favourite day of the week.

I don't care about the sneering.  I am doing so many of the things that I enjoy and I LOVE where I live..........laugh aloud and feeling pretty damn bien dans mes baskets!

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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

Slowly but surely. They failed by military means.

In terms of food Mint, you are the exact opposite - I'm the one (male) going for he bacon and egg. Had bacon from the abattoir in he Uk this morning, Loved it as a change but it did rest rather heavy in the stomach for the rest of the day.

Don't understand that you seem to think that Friday is the only day to enjoy a shower.

Am sitting on the sofa with Max (our new dog got from a dogs home and renamed as originally he was the same name of our middle offspring). Our Digby (dog before Max and lasted until he was 17 yrs and had a wonderful life) had been appropriately mourned.

Near the Peak District and having the rural aspects and also having all the facilities of a city and two football teams in league football. .

The only advantage of our house in the Dordogne (seems similar to Mints and near the intersection of the three Perigord areas) over our UK house is the weather in Spring and Autumn, Too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

I think that the one major reason for going to France (dordogne) rather than staying in Uk is the weather. Northern French regions dont do it for me.
My name is Richard , not Dick or any variant.
Dick is a crude name for a functional organ that is used as a derogatory name. Any reference to me as Dick will be met with equivalent response. Strange that it cant be policed better.
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Re: The Brits are the Dordogne !!!!

I don't live in the Dordogne but have visited the area 4 or 5 times, and thought it a lovely area. I can't understand why albf criticises it so often. There are English people living there, apparently in large numbers in some places, but you could say the same about French people and Kensington.

We have a place in a lovely small town in the Gard which has large numbers of tourists, it's a real little town though, but no doubt some would be sniffy about living in our town.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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