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Canadian French

As there was little on TV the other day, I put TV5 monde on and there was a program about animals from Canada.

Now I have been to Quebec and have visited quite a bit of it, but I found myself completely lost by one of the presenters, practically incomprehensible. I tried closing my eyes and just listening, and was none the wiser, and picked up as many odd words as when I am watching my Nordic Noir series on tv........... and I don't speak any nordic language!

I have watched programs from Canada and they have been subtitled, and I have wondered why, as I could understand perfectly well.

I was just wondering why there is someone presenting a program on TV5 monde who is on the limit of being unintelligible.

Still, I have watched enough french Canadian tv and spoken to my uncle who lives there to understand that, what I had thought was squeaky clean country, is far from it. My uncle who loves the place, reckons it is VERY corrupt. So maybe this woman was piston'd into the job......... that is all I can think of.

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Re: Canadian French

Canadian French is nearly as difficult to understand as American English though there are better films in it. Devil [6]
I thought I was doing well with Monsieur Lazhar in which an Algerian supply teacher takes over a Canadian class, though I have to confess that I find the Algerian easier to understand than his Canadian colleagues

Trailer here:

However I was completely defeated by the conversations between mother and son in Mommy. When she is talking to her son's teachers I can understand her, but the rest of the time rien de tout
Have a listen idun and tell me what you think
Trailer here:

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Re: Canadian French

Listened twice now, the first time, I was clueless, the second time, eyes shut, I was catching the odd word.

So maybe after many more times I could pick up more. Would I want to, NON NON NON!

Truly awful and even worse than the presenter I saw.Woot! [:-))]

No wonder that some french canadians thought I was francaise, because even 'I' don't massacre the language as much as they do.

Thanks for the link NH , it was certainly interesting.

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Re: Canadian French

Unintelligible gabble at its worst, at its best, a delightful musical drawl.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: Canadian French

When I was still in the UK, my then French teacher, a Bordelaise by origin, and perfectly fluent in both languages, went to Quebec for a holiday.  She so could not understand the Québeçois that she ended speaking in English to them.

In Quebec in particular, they have not only kept the old French which arrived in the 17th century, but changed it almost beyond all recognition, so I am not surprised, Idun, that you could not understand it.

ex W1, via 47 and 11 and now [just] in 34, equidistant from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Béziers, where I hope we'll finally stay!!

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Re: Canadian French

There's certainly a musical rhythm to it, but like Idun I can only get the odd few words. My sister-in-law is Québecoise, and when I first heard her speak French I thought she was putting on a funny voice...

When I stayed with her lovely family in Montreal, they all said they would have to speak a French "très pointu" for me! They took me to a "sugar shack" in the countryside somewhere, to see maple syrup being made. Listening to the guy demonstrating how he pulled threads of it out over ice, I had the impression of listening to a tape being played backwards...

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Re: Canadian French

We meandered round Quebec for 10 days and frankly had no trouble understanding 99% of the time. The 1% was quite another matter.😀
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