South West (Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées)

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Faulty GPS

I love this story:
ps When is this part of the forum going to be updated?  L'Aude is in Occitanie now. Ages ago.

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Re: Faulty GPS

There was a similarish incident a couple of years ago hereabouts .. an update (TomTom I believe, though don't hold me to it) provided some satnav update to subscribers with a shortcut .. saving about 300 or 400 mtrs IIRC .. past the very off-the-beaten-track of our friends who couldn't believe their eyes .. or ears .. when these huge juggernauts started passing close by to their house.
They uploaded a complaint via Facebleugh and all was sorted out in a couple of days .. a blip in the update was the reason given for the error.
Computing - it's another world
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