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selling checklist

After 20 years I'm at the point of selling my holiday home in Lassay Les Chateaux, and will sign it over in a couple of weeks. Anybody help me with a checklist of who I need to tell/how, what and when I need to tell them ? I only have electricity with EDF, no phone, and all the rest is eau, ordure, taxe fonciere, taxe d'habitation, etc. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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Re: selling checklist

There is a list (rather more for French people) in French here:

and a simple .pdf here

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Re: selling checklist

I wish you good luck; I’m not saying don’t tell anybody, but be prepared for those you do tell to ignore you. It has taken us about 18 months to shake off the claims for TdH, or payment for a Carte Bleue without a bank account attached to it.
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Re: selling checklist

If you have a french bank account this should be a priority.
The notaire should provide a document called certificate ( or attestation) of sale which may be requested by utilities etc. when you cancel the contract. I can't remember now how I cancelled, but probably registered letter is best.
Our immo sent us these certificates by email.
We only just sorted payment of the TdH, or may TF a few weeks ago , plod. The man in charge of local taxes where we lived was very helpful, I contacted him by email.
To the OP- don't you have house insurance, or other insurances?

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Re: selling checklist

I phoned EDF with the final reading the moment the sale went through. Ditto the water board.
Sorting the rubbish collection switch involved me going to the canton office with something to prove the sale. ( The purchasers were going to have to go in person to sign on.)

The TdH and TF I also told, but they went on taking my monthly payments for at least three months thereafter. Obviously I remonstrated with them, but I just think their wheels grind incredibly slowly. They did pay back all the excess they had taken eventually, though.

But, don’t close your French bank account too quickly! Those taxes were repaid into mine some months after the sale.
In fact, I have kept the bank account open, as I go regularly to France and it is sometimes useful.

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Re: selling checklist

Hi Scalehill

Congratulations on selling your house. Would you mind telling me with whom you sold it please?

Kind regards


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Re: selling checklist

Loiseau - you're right about not closing your account too soon. I meant going to see them and telling them well in advance about your plans. Money for the sale to come and then transferred etc.
We had a very helpful lady agent at CA.

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Re: selling checklist

I so agree, Patf, about telling the bank about the sale. They are SO jumpy about large sums of money coming or going these days. In fact, the notaire gave me a special document with the sale price on, to show the bank to confirm the origin of the money. And I had a similar one (with no mention of price) that I think I had to show to the rubbish-collection office to prove I was no longer the owner of the house.

I repatriated most of the sale proceeds to my UK account (I showed them the notaire's document, too, to explain where this money was coming from). I did it in stages, via one of the foreign exchange specialists, and even then I had to speak each time to my conseiller at the French bank, who was very suspicious of every movement - specially as the forex people were sending my money via Ireland before it reached my UK account!

Loire, I started off with a France-based UK agent (this was early 2017) who produced hardly any viewings. So I moved to a local French agent who had been recommended by some French friends, and she was brilliant; found French buyers within two months. She worked for an agency called Square Habitat.
So I would ask around your local friends, to see if they can recommend someone.
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