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Sadly its silly season again

Wifely was taking our dogs for their usual morning walk through the woods and thought she was going to be attacked by a pack of dogs. The biggest was barking like crazy, but then she saw some others behind him. Turns out that there were two puppies and two adults, the biggest just trying to protect the others. The puppies were about two months old apparently
Sadly they must have been dumped sometime over Sunday night. When I got home we went over to see if they were still there. I sat on the ground and eventually the largest came to me and allowed me to pet him. Cannot be much more than a year old, the black one was a female, but we don't think the puppies were hers as their colouring is completely different. We eventually persuaded the SPA at Limoges to take them in by late afternoon. We then took them down ourselves, nearly two hour round trip!
Who on earth could just dump four lovely little dogs like that without food or water eh? Johnnyboy
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Re: Sadly its silly season again

Nasty one, but well done JB.
Well, it happens every summer doesn’t it, greedy barstewards unwilling to pay kennel fees or have the dogs inoculated etc, just dump them.
And before anyone says maybe people are too poor to keep them, then why does it always happen in the summer and why not take them to be adopted?
So very sad.

Ticking over, just about.
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Re: Sadly its silly season again

On a similar theme, OH once found a plastic carrier bag of kittens, so small that they would not have been more than hours old.

There were seven and no one, including the gendarmes, showed the least bit of interest.  In order to avoid further suffering, OH very bravely drowned them.  Me, I couldn't even look at them in the filthy bag.

What it must have cost him to do the deed, I shall never know.  He never mentions it (he is vegetarian because he can't bear the thought of animals suffering in abattoirs and so on).

Without doubt, we must be the cruellest of all animal speciesDevil [6]

Apprendre une langue, c'est faire un voyage différent chaque jour.
from Fle pour les curieux
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Re: Sadly its silly season again

Sorry, but that is terrible. Perhaps the owners were hoping that somebody good would look after them.,

My name is Richard , not Dick or any variant.
Dick is a crude name for a functional organ that is used as a derogatory name. Any reference to me as Dick will be met with equivalent response. Strange that it cant be policed better.
ex Consultant NHS

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Re: Sadly its silly season again

Yes I agree, we probably would have been tempted by some of them ourselves. However, we now have another waif to accompany Togs, so coud not really take on any more. Was trying to attach photo of them, but can't seem to do that at the moment.
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Re: Sadly its silly season again

 What I would do to people who mistreat any animal is unprintable and sadly is not legal. But they lose any right to any human right I can think of!

I am so glad that it was you that found these dogs johnnyboy, good on you.

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Re: Sadly its silly season again

Me too Idun, I even feel dreadfully guilty about taking them to an uncertain future at the SPA.
Have to think about our old cat and eldest dog though. They were rather upset at the arrival of Nougat (not my choice of name!!) Things have settled down now though and hopefully will remain that way.
PS anybody help with posting a photo of them please?
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