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Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

Over six weeks ago I was flashed going through the traffic lights. I have yet to receive a PV through the post and I am wondering why.
The circumstances are as follows... I saw that the lights had changed to orange, and stupidly (and uncharacteristically) I thought I would speed through. The next thing I saw was the flash from the camera (yes I did only notice one flash, but going through at a speed it is very possible that there were two almost simultaneous flashes). There were no other cars in the vicinity, so the flash could only have been for me.
It is now over six weeks since the incident, and I have received nothing through the post.
I have read that I will not be 'in the clear' until a year has passed. However six weeks seems quite long. Two scenarios that have crossed my mind are, (a) the incident happened on a dull, wet day so maybe the photograph was not clear, and (b) although the car triggered the camera by going through on red, the margin between orange and red was judged to be so fine that someone has viewed this leniently.
I discount the idea that the authorities might not have my address as I have previously received a separate PV on the same carte grise.
Any ideas?

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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

Just wait and see.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

Maybe French administration grinds just as slowly in the police department as everywhere else... 🤪
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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

Finally able to reply ... I've been flashed, or so I thought, more than once, but no ticket received.  Could depend on how fast above the limit, or indeed, a sun flash .. difficult to tell. 

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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

I'm guessing, but in the old days the cameras used film. The film might run out but the radar and flash would go on working. Nowadays I presume everything is digital and it might be that the data collection part of the system was down and the rest of the system went on banging away. You can but hope and pray. I wouldn't rely to heavily on the praying bit.
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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

I hope, Judith, that you were not too upset when you were "flashed".

I recently got a ticket which was delivered only a few weeks after the "offence".

I did notice a gendarme with a camera at a point where the speed limit rapidly changed down to 50 kmph. Funnily enough it was near Calais and in my UK reg. car and I was going "with the flow".


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Re: Flashed at lights-but no PV yet

I have been flashed by a speed camera when I have been driving below the speed limit more than once and naturally no fine.

Can only assume that the cameras sometimes get bored, flash someone who is not breaking the Law and then snigger thinking of the protestations of the flashee 'I wasn't doing anything wrong'.
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