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Jambon Cru

I have found that I can currently buy jambon cru cut as thinly as we love, almost on chiffonade, as near as I could expect here, because thick slices are chewy and not to our taste at all.

I had to smile last night, as we had a bit of a buffet at tea time, but my OH finished his plate and then went and put a few slices of jambon cru on his plate and some soft butter, and every forkful of the ham was joined with a knob of butter.

Is this savoyard or just our little bit of that department???

The other way 'we' had of of serving as an apero to be passed round, was to roll a slice up with butter in the middle and a cocktail stick in it, a lovely tasty mouthful, when sliced en chiffonade.

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Re: Jambon Cru

I am afraid the butterer would turn my artrees to marble, though ah does love plain chiffonade.
Ticking over, just about.
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