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Vive le Franglais

Well, not exactly! L’Académie française is whining on about the the use of Anglisisms in French, yet again. Here are a few examples of what the sages, best translated as dunderheads, find objectionable and want replaced:

Snob - un collet (monté) though how to make that into a verb, as in elle m’a snobbé is not clear.
Best friend (BF) or BFF (BF forever) - s’ entendre comme des larrons en foire. Doesnt really work
Il a perdu, pas de comeback - cela sonne l’hallali de sa carrière. I just love this.
Ellse s’est fait basher - dénigrer, or passer sous les fourches caudines. Just cant see the latter catching on somehow.
Asap - en cinq secs. - Not worth the effort.
Ticking over, just about.
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