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Re: Car accident. Valuation of RHD car

Hi all who have helped me!

(Payrac-man, the assesor's report said that it would cost €7700 to repair with a valuation of €2500 before accident, so no option there to do it ourselves!)

I just want to thank everyone for their replies and to AnOther for his pm (I didn't follow it up but ty).

I have decided to just accept that insurance companies are 'not very fair and just' and move on.

My next car will be a RHD car because I can't afford a LHD car.

When it comes to insuring it, I will certainly take on your advice and ask them to clarify exactly what value they are placing on the RHD car and to adjust our premiums accordingly.

Once we have arrived at an OK premium price, and signed the insurance contract, we will change our policy for my husbands RHD Mondeo to 3rd Party, fire and theft.

Thank you all for all your help and advice.

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Re: Car accident. Valuation of RHD car

Whoa! This is an informative post. I got to know a lot from it. I was just looking for a good DUI lawyer online, as my friend has been caught for drunk driving. We are trying to help him out because he is the only person who earns in family. This could be a big problem for him.

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Re: Car accident. Valuation of RHD car

Sometimes French courts will ban a driver from driving in private life but allow him to carry on driving as part of his job. Of course it also depends on his employer.
In private life he can drive a sans permis.
I don't know if it's worth the expense of a lawyer. If the court is prepared to do this in the circumstances, they might do it automatically or he might simply need to ask. In France, lawyering up when you don't need to can be counter productive. French courts are not confrontational like maybe courts are in the US, it's not one side versus the other and may the one who shouts loudest win. Courts here likes to consider themselves capable of looking at all the factors and applying the law fairly and correctly. They tend not to be impressed when people bring along lawyers to argue the toss.
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Re: Car accident. Valuation of RHD car

Sorry, absolutely no sympathy with this person or anyone 'helping him out'. He chose to drink and drive so he has brought any consequences on his own head.

Sometimes watch the various fly on the wall police programmes in the UK. They can be quite disapproving of the drunk driver telling them about how they have to go and tell the relatives of the person that the drunk has just killed.

Let's hope this irresponsible person is taken off of the roads to save others.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but if you do not want to take the consequences don't drink and drive.
BREXIT - wonder what the future holds
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Re: Car accident. Valuation of RHD car

Although we do not know the full story in principal I agree with you, you know the rules and have nobody but yourself to blame.

That said before judging so harshly it's worth remembering that the 50mg limit in France is some 40% under the UK limit of 80mg so at one and the same time in France a driver can be deemed a drunk and a menace to society whilst in UK the self same driver would be well under and you would say had partaken of alcohol perfectly responsibly.

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