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Re: cringe-making

That is not good news Sweets, would you consider moving back to the "chateau near Bordeaux" and selling the Dordogne pile?

(Sweets as we know each other please understand that this comment is not meant as a sneer rather more "tongue in cheek"Wink [;-)])

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Re: cringe-making

Don't worry, Cendrillon, I know you would only want the best for me!

Don't know about the chateau, we haven't bothered to market it as yet.  We moved out of it because I wanted OH not to have to bother with lighting fires.  Moreover, it's not got the same attraction now as it did because we had marvellous walks behind the house but all the fields have now been fenced off for cattle so no more prowls with the dog, sometimes with me still in my pyjamas.

Still miss many of our friends there.  In fact, 2 dear friends died last summer and I only found out recently.  This was because I had all those health problems last year and I lost touch temporarily with them.  I have surprised myself how much I am grieving their loss.

Even I have to accept that one can't keep moving just because of stupid, inconsiderate people who are neighbours!Big Smile [:D]

I find our village here very convenient and sympa and I do know many more people here than I do in the other place.

Apprendre une langue, c'est faire un voyage différent chaque jour.
from Fle pour les curieux
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Re: cringe-making

 simone46 wrote:
If you think you are surrounded by people you think are arrogant and disinterested, and as one person mentioned of all your 'dreadful stories' of where you live then it begs the question - why choose to live where you live? You get good and bad everywhere - it's what people make of it that counts.

It wasnt a consideration then and still isnt now in as much as its not going to make me move until the time is right for me.

There are decent people around its just that by necessity they keep a very low profile, even the arrogant and disinterested are I am sure good people at heart but in their relations with others, that being anyone outside of the family they tend to be borné and mésquine, some proudly relating that the word comes from the old Picard language, so as a consequence I choose my friends carefully and they are far fewer than would be elsewhere.

I do agree that life is what you make of it.

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