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Re: And the Bombs are falling

But who can you trust?? Some years ago but do leopards change their spots?
My name is Richard , not Dick or any variant.
Dick is a crude name for a functional organ that is used as a derogatory name. Any reference to me as Dick will be met with equivalent response. Strange that it cant be policed better.
ex Consultant NHS

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Re: And the Bombs are falling

As fan of John le Carre, Absolute Friends just said it all about how any of us should take the media, and government statements with one HUGE pinch of salt!

However, somethings seem to be facts, and one is that a chemical attack of some sort was perpetrated AND not for the first time against Syrians in Syria who are supposedly anti Assad.

We live in a funny old world these days. I mentally scream blue when I see anything that I perceive would /could in any way erode our rights.....and I must add to that statement ......usually!

I say usually, as the perpetrators of acts of evil seem to have the upper hand and as I get older and have personally been involved with people who are victims, justice seems to be the last thing the 'legal' system seems interested in.

I am now not addressing the comments made on here, divers as they are which is fine, but all the media meltdown yesterday and today along with comments from a variety of politicians. TRUTHFULLY, I could have slapped a few of them....

They wanted these attacks to be done legally, but who decides that? The chocolate fire guard of the UN, and how long would that have taken???? Would Russia have been able to veto, because, Russia doesn't give a hoot about what others say......remember the Crimea.

I do not believe that other could have been done than what was done. Dictators are just that and will take negotiating as a sign of weakness, something to be treat with contempt.

I think that the Russians had enough warning to shuffle their stuff around and hopefully, Assad did not.

And if Syria pulls another stunt like this then they are warned.

Warned...they should be, only that the various parliaments may stymie any further raids, which will be of great delight to the various dictators involved, ie Putin and Assad, and NOT to the poor future victims.
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