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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

Following our move to the suburbs of a major French town, we expected to have difficulties signing on at the nearest Dr, 5 mins walk down the road. They took the 4 of us on straight away. I asked how long in advance we needed to book an apointment (15 days at our last Maison Medical I explained to the receptionist). She looked at me with disbelief - tomorrow if you are ill, 3 days if its routine was the reply. A nice surprise.
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

The vaseline that you get from the pharmacy is sterile and sold to use as a wound dressing for places where ordinary plasters or dressings can't be used. In case you are wondering, OH was prescribed a tube to use on his head, when he cut it open and needed stitches.

I found a very good bottle of spray on basic antiseptic. non sting, no colour, 2.99 for 150 ml and it works very well for wounds, cuts, scratches etc.

I do buy paracetamol from the UK.. last time I bought some I noticed it had gone up a lot but still cheaper than France
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

Typical med appointment situation this week; phone up Monday, chose rdv late Tuesday. Early Tuesday get blood tests done, results in the pm, both to me and direct to the doc.
Can’t be bad.
Too thick for a PhD!
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

Our MT in France had 2 morning sessions a week when you could go and be seen that morning. you needed to be there by 8.30 am otherwise you would be there all morning.
I don't think he does that now - they've all moved into a new Medical centre in the nearby biggest town. And are suffering from the 'rural desertification' of MTs. He has probably retired as he was over 60 when we left..
As for speaking english - I did my best to speak to him in french and he would keep it simple for me. Except for one occasion when I asked how long the effect of a cortisone injection would be. He replied "Wait and see!"
Another word of wisdom from him - "everyone over 50 has osteoarthritis."
He usually had young medics with him who were finishing their training and most of them could speak english.
Another time he was commenting on the increase of health complaints in the winter. I tried to translate the phrase from Shelley's Ode To the West Wind - "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" He seemed to appreciate that.The best GP we've ever had.

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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

@ Lindal. That's more or less exactly what I use it for. The stuff you buy outside pharmacies is, entre autres, destined for babies' delicate bits so I'm assuming it's appropriate and fit for purpose. Anyway, I slap on industrial quantities of the stuff, often onto very broken and damaged skin, and, sterile or not, the cheap stuff seems entirely adequate.
Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

Beginning to think that supply of doctors is a bit luck of the draw.  In our reasonably large village there were three, one retired, another now has, and they've had to import a doctor from Spain to fill the place.  My own doctor, is now a 10 min drive away, but worth it, as she not only speaks English but is English by birth (been here since she was 4 though!), I can manage in French, but so nice to be able to chat in your own language and be perfectly understood.

But on holiday in the hills recently, I fell, no first aid with us, of course, and no pharmacy in the village either.  But there was a doctor, who had turn up and wait surgery each morning, and by appointment in the evenings.  So guess where I went the next morning, usefully it was directly opposite where we were staying.  Most useful.  But really pot luck what you get where.

ex W1, via 47 and 11 and now [just] in 34, equidistant from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Béziers, where I hope we'll finally stay!!
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed

Works for mine!!!
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Re: I dont suppose you've noticed



One visit to Action and you can see why they are sweeping through France and even installing in the smallest of towns like mine when only a year before they opened in a big town not even 15km away.


And if you look at an interactive map showing their route to dominating France they came in through the same forest in the Ardennes probably at 13.00 on a weekday Big Smile [:D]


Its not Amazon that is a threat to French retailers it is Action, they are taking large chunks out of pretty much every shop that has been ripping customers off since year dot.

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