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Re: What does this mean?

The first time I ever heard the sunbjonctif used I had only been here a week or so, the woman who my neighbour has now thankfully divorced was drunk, slurring and had a lispy type speech impediment, not the best of circumstances to hear "il faut que tu faasscchheess" for the first time, I recall him really tearing her off a strip but didnt know what it was all about at the time, I was too busy wiping the spit from my eye. I know that it didnt resemble any verb that I knew, in fact it was one of the few verbs that I did know how to conjugate but not in the subjonctif. 

I suppose that was another milestone when I got the confidence to start using the subjonctif but its still only with a handfull of verbs, when I know that I should be using it with another verb I sort of try half heartedly and invite the oher person to correct me, I am always asking do we say it like this as otherwise people will never correct me.

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Re: What does this mean?

Well this anglaise has used octante in Belgium without problem, so I assumed that they were just like the swiss, who I am far more used to.

Idun it was a long, long time ago when I lived thereCool [8-|] they (the Belgians) were not so international in those days and  the  E.U hadn't even been thought of!

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