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Re: néanmoins: can someone please

Well, yes, Chance, I have to agree with this latest post of yours.  You do need to understand the structure of a language if you want to have mastery over it.

I think it's a bit like playing a musical insturment or singing.  I do know people who can pick up a tune on a keyboard or sing in a choir but who can't read music.  To my mind, their musical knowledge is always going to be limited, as is their performing.

I was going to say like Paul McCartney but I am going to be crucified so I shall go to bed instead.

Bonne nuit, Chance.

Apprendre une langue, c'est faire un voyage différent chaque jour.
from Fle pour les curieux
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Re: néanmoins: can someone please

However Chancer, the fact that you want to learn about the structure of the French language speaks volumes about your ability to communicate.
In my experience, the first thing people want and need to do is to communicate, and listening to it and using it every day are great ways of doing this. It's only when communication is established that they want to learn further, and as SW17 says, the next step is to learn the structure.

It's a shame that you can't find a Prof who will help you to understand, keep looking. In the meantime, reflect that even if you don't know the terminology of language, (adverb, clauses etc), you know unconsciously their function. 

My OH is a learner who has no background of English grammar, but all he wants to do is to communicate in French. Since we started spending months rather than holidays in France, he has begun to use it, still mostly words at this stage. I want to know how and when to use the subjunctive, how to say things like "My kitchen was a mess after I spilled oil all over the floor."etc.
Maybe we'll both achieve our goals one day.......

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Re: néanmoins: can someone please

Where there is a will there is a way, if a man(or woman) is hungry he will find a way to eat etc etc. Well that hunger can equally be the hunger to communicate, to express oneself better or as well as in our native tongue so I am sure you will both get there.

I set myself all sorts of targets like being able to talk freely on any subject, to express emotion, approval, disproval, to debate etc in far greater detail than just a thumbs up, a smile and "bon(ne)" they seemed impossible dreams at the time but I have beaten them all and keep raising the bar.

My next one is to be able to train people in French as a MF1 diving instructor, quite a hard one as you have to have very good communication skills to encourage people to do what their bodies natural instinct screams at them not to, and to explain what is happening and why, the positive side is that once underwater it doesnt matter what nationality they are as its all sign language and gestes but you still need to be a very good non verbal communicator something I think we all develop when learning a new language, also watching the facial reactions of others is something we develop to see if our pidgin French has been understood, was that smile confusion, comprehension or condescension? Big Smile [:D]

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