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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

Rudest french people I have ever met are from Antibes and Cannes, I also find the normans very unpleasant and officious in Normandy. Parisiens are certainly not the top of my list.

And I too am speaking as I find.

Must say I heard lots of complaints about where I lived, by french people who had moved there, but I certainly didn't find people unfriendly, although as the only anglaise maybe I had curiosity value?
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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

Interesting observations Idun.

I have to say that I have not met anyone from Cote d'Azur so cannot comment there. Regarding Normans, I have worked with people in the Le Havre area since we had a plant there, and did not find them as you describe. It must be said that our relations were more professional than social however.

When I was working in Marseille one of my better friends was a Norman. In comparison there were a number of Parisians also working at he site (some still commuting every weekend back to the capital) and they did nothing to change my impressions.

Perhaps, as you suggest, our experiences are tailored by the fact that we are not French. Certainly some of my experiences will be influenced by professional rather than social relationships.


A European Rahinja.
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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac are talking nonsense. I will explain.

île de France represents 25% of the French population. You/your friend can't call them all ignorant and arrogant that is ridiculous. People have to work in Paris because that is where the work is. Many (like us) live in Paris during the week/month and head home during holidays. Others stay in hotels or bedsits or whatever during the week.

An actual 'Parisien' is someone that is born and bred in Paris. They are no different to cockneys and tend mostly to be working class and very funny.

So who are you and your friend describing exactly when you say arrogant and ignorant ? My neighbours are nice, my doctor is nice, those who in the supermarket are nice (they even say hello if I see them in the street), the man who sweeps the street says hello every morning. Our children love their school and their teachers. Where are these people you describe ??? I have not met them yet and this is the third time I have lived in Paris.

Yes there are some arrogant t#### I should imagine but that is no different to other countries.

It terms of busy, well depends where you live. I live 6 mins from the centre. It is not busy here at all. On Sundays you could hear a pin drop. People go running, and kids safely ride their bikes and people go for walks. Some do sports and a lot go fishing. It is actually very quiet. It is a very safe family place.

In terms of living costs, well it is the same really. The local Monoprix is slightly more expensive but not that bad. Cheaper than YOUR local epicerie. I have the worlds largest carrefour about 15 mins away where the prices are the same as everywhere else in France. I have an M&S food shop in walking distance which is the same price as the UK. So cost of living ??? its the same.

In terms of eating out, well it depends where you go. You can have a very nice kabab menu for 6 euros !!!

In terms of housing, yes it is expensive but that is because there is a shortage of housing. Also of course you have higher salaries in Paris. That is why people live at work here. Regardless, if you buy a place you will get your money back/make money. Not many places in France you can do that !!!

So, anymore myths you need help with ?

P.S, I know in rural France people hate people from Paris. But that is more down to jealousy, ignorance or in most cases it is just a national joke. But remember, they hate British, Dutch, Belguim, German expats and anyone else they can think of as well. They probably hate themselves. Imagine you are a French rural peasant and your neighbour is British who drives a black Range Rover sport with a personalised number plate 'TW at' and has an industrial satellite dish attached to his house so that he can watch sky one on loop. You would hate them. And before you say that is a cliche, I can count about 5 Rangerovers (with said plate) a day heading south west when I was in Tours.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Whistles [Www]

Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

"I have an M&S food shop in walking distance"

You reckon. Here  Whistles <img src=">



A friend in need's a pest. Get rid.
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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

They are only closing the clothes shops.....again.

Anyone remember the last time that happened ?

Anyway, it won't happen until next November. If it does.

So Saturday night still remains Balti night. Yipeeeee.

ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

 I have visited quite a lot of the Cote and found that everywhere else was fine. Nice, so close to Cannes and yet the people are chalk and cheese, IF I liked hot weather, I could live in Nice.

Parisiens, well, I have had a few very funny incidents in Paris on the odd occasions I have been there, one leaving a friend furious, but which I found hilarious which did not help, and made her even more annoyed. I suppose I have a certain expectation of parisien behaviour, so don't mind if anyone is rude etc, which they certainly have been. AND then there was one lady asking if I was from 'provence' which had the french people I was with in fits of laughter. When I say I have a strong english accent and speak french a ma facon, I mean it.Big Smile [:D]

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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

I know many very nice people from various parts of the Paris area at AVF, some of whom have become close friends. Plus my lovely 95 year old neighbour, who was born in the Auvergne, but spent a huge part of her life living in Paris until she moved south 9 years ago, when she bought the apartment opposite us, to be near her only relaitives, her grandson, granddaughter-in-law and great grandchildren.

In fact, I haven't come across many people I don't like since buying here, neighbours, AVF members from around the world, shopkeepers, café and restaurant staff - it all helps make life here sweet.

It's not only in France and England that M&S is closing shops:

The shops to close in the Paris area are Champs-Elysées, Beaugrenelle (15th arrondissement, Chaussée-d'Antin (9th), Gare Saint-Lazare (8th), Levallois-Perret and Villeneuve-la-Garenne in Hauts-de-Seine and Trembay-en-France in Seine-Saint-Denis.

I remember well when M&S closed in France last time around. I'm not surprised they are closing clothes shops, there's very little I buy there in England apart from food, the clothes are generally awful, shops like Zara seem to have taken over a lot of their target market.

In Europe, M&S is closing all its stores in Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, with 2,100 jobs being lost.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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Re: Wanted: Property Let or Purchase Near Sarlat/Salignac

They are only closing the clothes shops Garden Girl in France. The Food shops (and there are quite a few) are not closing. M&S clothes are too expensive and a bit boring to be fair.

Our local one is in Levallois-Perret at the SO Ouest commercial centre (fantastic commercial centre by the way) but I think it is a franchise so it may not close.

The amount of food they sell is manic. Hope it does not close.

I am going to take on a M&S franchaise and open a food shop in Sarlet. Then Eymet.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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