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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

One wonders why threads don't get replies, or even new threads started? 😠

Just read back on this one and see all the back stabbing and unpleasantness and perhaps that explains.

Members may feel they won't bother to post or reply due to some of the unpleasantness.

This used to be a very informative forum, but now mostly an argumentative one.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Mogs, to be fair, if you look down the list of threads, you will find a pretty high number of informative posts and very few tetchy ones.
Some of our older and grumpier members need the odd grump to complete their days however.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Hello woolypully - yeah like you referring to me twice as 'cheesy' Chessie;  is it wonder some of us don't wish to post on here.
Anyway my little scrumptious wolwe piesang - I'm sure that won't make you any more tetchy or grumpy than you already are ! - bless.
As for the 'assumptions' about flashing around Ipads - I was really talking generally about how some people behave; the fact that one of the posters took it personally was rather illuminating I thought.

Never mind everyones, life's too short to bother with the flashy showoffs, the know-it alls who tell everyone what to do, and refuse to apologise for their sheer crassness.
Why is everyone so bad tempered.
Feel sorry for Idun who started this, in all innocence..........
Au revoir - Chessie

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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

My dear cheesy, I give names to everyone. The woolybanana is actually my daughter, sodont feel got at. It is just fun and a sense of identity or something.
Ticking over, just about.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Tis  true, wooly gives us nicknames, I really don't mind and yours has come from my auto correct pad, which always writes Cheese when I write Chessie, and it drives me mad. Your name getting mixed up is not the worst thing it does by any means.

And grumps and insults, when was the board other than that, a mix of everything really. I don't mind it, even when I am the brunt of stuff.

And being grumpy, well, we are all getting older and maybe patience about lots of stuff is harder to summons a lot of the time or is that just me!?

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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

Look, I'm happy to apologise wholeheartedly to anyone I've offended.. And big enough to accept that attack isn't always the best line of defence. I cracked. It wasn't big or clever.
Richard, you have me so very wrong. But your opinion is your opinion. I suspect we don't (and never will) have the same sense of humour. You can't see mine, that's certain.
Chessie, I think we are both guilty of assumption making an ***..etc. I wasn't making direct reference to you in the comments you chose to take exception to, either.I have, as I pointed out, loads of friends like you who have mobile phones they don't switch on.
Everybody else: thanks for all the time taken to help me resolve the problems with my laptop. I still don't plan to buy another one.

Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

What a fuss ... never any need to point at someone, we are ALL different, with different needs and wants ... I don't love my Ipad or my Iphone, but they serve a useful purpose for me. ... and I do sometimes wish that I could be like Chessie (love cheesy as a nickname, but I am sure you are NOT!) and I could to those days when computers were not so prevalent.  Mind you my career would have gone in a totally different direction if that were so.

As the reading I have to do tomorrow at our local English speaking church says (Colossians) : Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against each other.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all!

ex W1, via 47 and 11 and now [just] in 34, equidistant from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Béziers, where I hope we'll finally stay!!

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Re: NOT Posting threads or replies

I would put a clapping smilie Judith only the rubbish software that comprises this board has removed that extravagance since W10 arrived in the world.

No wonder Chancer got fed up.

A European Rahinja.
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