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Re: coffee van

Your opinion, others may differ.


Ultimately its the mods that decide whether something is appropriate and even if it isnt  they would not remove postings without good cause, even if one or more posts are contrary to the forum code of conduct and they are removed it does not merit removaing all posts since a certain date.

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Re: coffee van

Chancer it is indeed my opinion.

Please read my post on this thread yesterday. That is what I think that the mods should take a careful look at.

Todays post by myself merely highlights that this thread is a very good example of how the forum has degenerated and needs to be put back on track (in my opinion).
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Re: coffee van

Albf said: <<My problem is, who is going to buy a coffee from a van ? >>

An awful lot of French people do buy from the French coffee van man in the post I made earlier in the discussion; he goes to all sorts of events in the Gard and does extremely well, whether from winter truffle-hunting events, asparagus fêtes or other outdoor activities.

Regarding Off topic posts, I can't see a problem with posts wandering a bit; there are few technical queries these days, where one would hope that posts mainly kept to the subject, even if agreement on method differed.

I think our mods do a fine job -I say Happy New Year to the mods and keep up the light touch on the controls.

Happy New Year to everyone else, too.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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Re: coffee van

 richard51 wrote:
Chancer it is indeed my opinion. Please read my post on this thread yesterday. That is what I think that the mods should take a careful look at.


This one?


Can the mods please consider dreaming up topics for a*s hol*s, etc to vent their feelings rather than mess up possibly useful threads.



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Re: coffee van

My question is, what is on track, the shameless nonsense about rose coloured spec France that I first encountered?

............ and ALBF, was told I was a troll for trying to even mention 'normal' France where french people (and I) lived.

This board is what it is. In general OK, I know that I will never agree with many on here, and that is OK, in fact it rather mirrors all the french people I know, who, will argue black is white if someone else says otherwise. And I now find that as I have some sort of mutated french ideas osmosis'd into my system, my ame (with a chapeau on the a), find I often disagree with UK friends too as I see the world quite differently.

...........so again, what is on track, because at the end of the day........... there is next to nothing anyone should be asking on here, because these days, every last tiny bit of information is on the www and has been for years and years. To not know is a choice. To ask and perhaps trust what one learns on a message board......... really, who would do that?Whistles [Www] Although say a recommendation for a cooker or washer, would perhaps be in a catagory of it's own, which has nothing to do with, how much would it cost me to live in France.

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Re: coffee van

Idun, the best is Gluey's thread 'err this is Good'

....which is a few threads down from this one.

I answered the thread 'correctly' I might add...because...well...I don't live in a bubble.

and gluey's response to me was....

'You do take the biscuit for posting dumb comments!'

I should imagine glueys has been living in France for a while and should know better.

But it is the last post on the thread which I think sums it all up. Fantastic. They were calling each other trolls 10 years ago. LOL.

Brits in France, you can't make it up.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: coffee van

TEN YEARS AGO!!!!!!!! Non...... FIFTEEN!!!!!!!!!

 I joined in 2000 and had been in France 19 years then......and had, by the Guardian of their own Real ( and yet imaginary ) France, my full name address and phone number posted as well as being accused of being a vicious troll, trying to undermine the glorious France. Wouldn't care they could see that I lived in France, but that didn't count.  Made me very private and suspicious of posters in general.

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Re: coffee van

I'm sure you think your retort was very clever Chancer.

However, the fact remains that the first two pages were ok and the last 4 pages (those in 2017) are, except for a couple of useful posts (exclude me!) adding zilch to the thread.
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