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Blink [blink]

Re: French milk

GardenGirl - Ouch - now those are a bit unnecessary comments - a bit harsh.   Don't think anyone's mentioned food vans from UK have they ?  I'd suggest it's BECAUSE many of us can cook that we realise the shortcomings in a great deal of french food - and how the quality isn't as good as the UK food items.   Look at all the French chefs who've gone to the UK - using UK ingredients they do very well;  wouldn't be able to do the same here in France.

Now I dare you, just dare you, to go and stand in the Polish aisle in a UK supermarket, or a German aisle, or a French aisle, or a Greek aisle, or an Italian one - or any of the French, German, Polish, Greek, Italian shops and delis -
and tell all those non-UK peoples that they should learn to cook British food - and not wish for an occasional taste of home.
Try it - you'd be in real serious trouble.  Enough to start a flippin' riot !!! Go on - live dangerously- give it a go.

I'd love to know the psychology of why ANYONE from any country, sometimes wishes to have a taste of their own homeland.   It's a pretty widespread and fairly normal human feeling isn't it ?

Don't think any of us on here deserve that bit of an outburst surely ?

Lighten up - it started off as me laughing at myself - can't we keep it there ?

Chessie Blink <img src=">
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Re: French milk

 woolybanana wrote:
Do they still need feeding or is this stock for next winter?


They are refusing to come into my trap unless I feed them something special, a little bird told that if you want to score with the birds then millet blanc is the thing, I have never before had a problem getting shot of birds, cant usually hang on to them Wink [;-)] and I thought this lot would eventually push off to sunnier climes but little did I know that she just wanted to get up the duff and poke out loads of little horrors who are now all teenagers hanging around all the time and pushing out their own offspring and that like true Picards they never travel more than a couple of km.


I am told if you dump em a few miles from home they wont come back, I've only ever tried it once myself but it certainly worked, not taking any chances this time, I am taking them all on a one way trip to YUK Big Smile [:D]


If I can catch them that is Sad [:(]

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Re: French milk

I't's not Gardengirl's fault, Chessie, it's someone else:
"Speak roughly to your little boy and beat him when he sneezes.
He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases."
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

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Re: French milk

Calm down big fonts, it is just a laugh.

We could talk about Brexit or bringing up chickens if you like. I hate my neighbours in France s a good one...they tend to be British as well....which makes it more fun.

What is wrong with a bit of humour on a French forum ? Or do we all have to be dead serious and British like. lol
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Smile [:)]

Re: French milk

Well I've certainly found out what that strange milk was that I bought and poured into my cup of tea - so many thanks for all that info.   Very interesting.
And the info about the French thick cream similar to the UK's wonderful double-cream - must look out for that.

I was just hoping for some more funnies;  of people being willing to try a French food item and sometimes getting it wrong.
I thought we might have some laughs - we need them at the moment;  my tax forms are sitting on the table - and I just keep sighing every time I walk past them.... anything to distract me.
Please - isn't anyone else prepared to laugh at themselves.

I can remember buying what I thought were spring onions with red-tinged stems - though they did seem to have a rather strong smell.   Chopped them up to make sandwiches - and phew - hot isn't the word.   Turned out they were stems of the garlic bulb........ steered clear of them after that.Ick! <img src=">

Chessie Smile <img src=">  (Love these emitcons - only recently worked out how to do this...!!)

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Re: French milk

Chessie, you obviously missed that the bit about food vans from UK was a direct quote from albf, who seems to think that his posts on such subjects as the food those of us in France buy /cook, where we choose to live etc are amusing.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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Kiss [kiss]

Re: French milk

GardenGirl - oh I am so, so sorry - I really do apologise;  having one of my 'stupid' days......
Had obviously skipped past the post that seemed to 'not quite understand' and just wanted to knock anything British...!!
Many 'umble apologies'.Kiss <img src=">

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Re: French milk

Hmmm......... mascapone and creme epaisse are just that........ exactly as described, which is not the same as whipped double cream or even chantilly, the consistency is not the same and I would argue that the taste is different too.

How do I know, because I do all three and know exactly what I want for which dish.

My biggest problem in the UK is making sure that I make up a weaker cream for my gratin dauphinois, as double cream alone is too heavy.

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