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Re: Struggling to get agents to send details of property

You are missing a trick here Chancer.

The Chinese will buy it. They are buying everything else up in France. You should see Paris. Bar tabacs, bistros, brasseries , restaurants, boulangeries you name it....they are buying it.

Your business will be a novelty to them because it already makes money. LOL.
ner ner nee ner ner!!
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Re: Struggling to get agents to send details of property

I used to think that my competitive advantage was being able to speak French but I was only comparing myself to the English B&B owners who are empty outside of the season (admittedly a long season) and who only recieved English or Commonwealth customers but this year has seen me change that view.


Speaking English has been a real advantage with the multi-nationality customers this year few of which expected me to do so but for all of them their English was far better than their French, I currently have German based Polish immigrants and a Spanish national both of which are working on a Wind farm some 40km away, the former have extended their stay to a month and are talking of 6 months, neither group speaks any French, the Poles are fluent in English the Spanish guy I communicate with a litle Spanish and sign language.


The contract workers at the factory now that they are at a critical technical stage of the new production lines are all non-French and they all speak English, whether it be wind farms, hi-tech production lines, building the new science park, building the airport or a car wash at Intermarché none of them are hiring French businesses but neither do they hire English ones! - So Brexit wont have any effect Big Smile [:D]

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Re: Struggling to get agents to send details of property

I have the same problem with getting agents to come and visit our property with a view to selling. I have contacted 6 agents by email, visits to their office and telephone and only managed to get one to come round.

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