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Re: Procedure when absent from school because of sickness?

Norman putting a PAI in place involves having the annual allergy tests. 

Our college doesn't allow packed lunches on the premises because they consider it to be unsafe to store them in the child's bag, no matter whether they have a cold box or not, and have no facilities to store them in a fridge.  We are free to provide a packed lunch if we bring it to the college at lunchtime and feed it to them off the school premises, taking full responsibility for the process, which I guess fits in with what you quoted!

Idun my eldest has had allergies since his first set of vaccinations as a baby.  I have often wondered if they were what set him off with them or were just the first thing he reacted to.  After those, when I started weaning him from breastfeeding (at 4.5 months because he was quite big and hungry), each time I introduced a new food to him he would react to it.  The second time I gave him that same food the reaction might lessen; in which case I continued to feed it and watch him gradually become desensitized to it - or it might get worse; in which case I stopped feeding it and made a note to try it again at some later stage.  I was very careful with what I fed him and it was only mixed with boiled water or breast milk.  He had no other drinks than breast milk until he was over 14 months old.  He is also allergic to animals such as equines, felines and canines and can experience a systemic reaction to them.  We're finding out now that he possibly has a connective tissue disorder and the allergies may be related to that.  My other sons have no allergies.
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Re: Procedure when absent from school because of sickness?

A bit off topic I know, but just wanted to say that at our daughter's lycee, the food is disgusting and she rarely eats more than a piece of bread and cheese, comes home starving and it's not cheap either.  I wouldn't mind paying if it was something that was reasonable to eat but it isn't.   Coming home for lunch is out of the picture so we have no choice but to pay up and shut up!

I don't consider that what is offered is healthy, rarely fruit or veg other than epinards and would rather send her in with a packed lunch when I know what goes into it.   A bit of bread and cheese is hardly substantial.

Having discussed this with a number of other parents, both French and English everyone says the same so it's not just a question of being a fussy English student.

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Re: Procedure when absent from school because of sickness?

Of course, it's a million years ago, but when I was a student in France we shared our cantine with the local lycee, so for an academic year I ate what everyone else ate. No going home for lunch, it was a full day's travel to get there.Big Smile [:D]

I remember rabbit and pasta EVERY Saturday.
Camembert daily...always Camembert. I never saw any other cheese
Lots of soups in winter, always bearing a close resemblance to whatever vegetables had been served the previous day.

I think I played truant from the canteen more than from any lessons.

Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.
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Re: Procedure when absent from school because of sickness?

I used to eat in the cantine when doing supply teaching about 12 years ago.
I was struck by the fact that the teachers could have wine (I restrained myself)
This may no  longer be the case...

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.
- Bertrand Russell
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Re: Procedure when absent from school because of sickness?

I teach at a school where the ten or so teachers polish off two bottles of fine wine every lunchtime, over a three course meal.  Most (including the directrice) have one or two glasses but the history/geo teacher, who is in charge of opening and dispensing the bottles, has rather more.

In my 4 or so years there, not one teacher has left.

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